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Hello and welcome to StatusHeart.Com, We provide viral content for free through our website and social media platforms in India as well as throughout the world.

Our Motto Behind Launching This Forum:

Our main goal is to keep people happy, care for them. That’s why we started this platform. So that we understand the feelings of people and bring good Quotes, Wishes and Shayaris for them. Here you will find content related to all types of Wishes, Quotes & Thoughts, Shayaris, Status etc. We will try to put all kinds of happiness in your lap. There is nothing more than love in the world, you love us, we will love you. This is the way of life. People love each other and build a decent society. This is our motive.

About The Content Available At StatusHeart.com Find out

what you will get on StatusHeart.com And what are the benefits of this?

  • Wishes: In life’s race, the person can not take so much time that he can enjoy some special moments with his family, relatives, and friends. So we use Wishes to give each other the greetings of happiness. This happiness comes in many forms in our lives such as marriage, new year, festival, birthday, job etc.
  • Quotes & Thoughts: Every person moves forward by taking inspiration from some thing or by learning from it. Inspiration is as important in our life as the soul in our body. StatusHeart.com has come with every kind of inspiration, precious word, good things related to the lives of successful people, thoughts of great men, etc. The best casino online au – click here for information.
  • Shayaris: You love someone or someone loves you. Lovers use many languages such as the eyes language, From these languages, we get to know the condition of our lover’s heart very easily. And in these languages, there is a language Shayari. Shayari narrates the feelings of our hearts in words, and the person who hears or reads can easily understand the feelings of our hearts. Whom do you love, your girlfriend, mother, father, brother or sister, or friend? Every type of Shayari will be found in StatusHeart.com, which will tell your loved ones about your heart.
  • Status: Nowadays there is a time of social media. Here we share our heart’s feelings with our friends, relatives, and fans. Even here we are sharing what we are doing and what we will do. In very short words, status is used to tell about yourself or your daily routine. status can also be a line of small words, a photo, and even a video. People place status on social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, so that everyone you know will know about you or your feelings. In StatusHeart.com you will find many different types of status.